Minotaur Warden


Asteron is a Minotaur Warden with a shit ton of HP (116) and insane AC (26) which with the right buffs he can get to 31. He wields a Triple-Headed Flail and a Heavy Shield along with his Hide armor, and healer’s brooch. Other than that, he does fine without too many magical items.


Asteron loves to charge head long into the enemies determined to protect his allies by knocking as many foes as he can on their asses. He figures, if they can’t stand up, they won’t hurt as much. He loves to prove how tough he is by going toe to toe with either the biggest bad guy out there or by standing up in the midst of as many enemies that can circle his large body. Asteron was born with a sense to protect those he travels with and he won’t let anyone get to his squishy friends without having to deal with him. You mess with the bull… and you get the horns… (yeah i said it)


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