Female Elf Ranger/beastmaster


Age: 201. Blood type: Type B. Brother: a human, Ganz. Boyfriend: was a giant robot but turned elf?? O_O she doesn’t know how that happened…. Pet: a panther named, Deimos.

Favorites- Food: Rice and fruit. Snack: Pastries with berries. Drink: Lemonade. Color: Green. Element: Fire. Animal: Panther. Weapon: Blades. Place: mossy forests. Time: Night. Season: Spring.

Signs- Astrological: Gemini. Numerology: 5. Chinese: Tiger. Birthstone: Alexandrite.


Super girlie girl. She isnt much for animals other than her panther friend Deimos who she likes to use as a pillow at night and as a mode of transportation…oh and to flank with mostly =p

Shes very impatient and has little tolerance for magic; she is a hack and slash, kill those monkey lovin snakes for being on that monday ta friday plane, type of fighter. When it comes to civilians, she is usually sympathetic to their needs or situation.


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