Tobias Shankmiester


Tobias is a bit of a squishy rogue that consistantly deals large amounts of damage when he isn’t missing. Give the mistake of granting him combat advantage, then pray that you told your wife and kids you loved them before you left, because chances are your life will end there, if his jet black ioun stone hasn’t already made you his pray. If it has, then your end will come no matter what. When the crown that houses his jet black ioun stone seperates from him it gains fly 6 and phasing, and it grants him combat advantage on any adjacent enemies.


Tobias is a vain, half elf, rogue that resents his human side and hates most humans. His elven mother was impregnated by a human sailor who never returned. Ever since Tobias left home he has been on a constant search for his sailor father. While most of his elven friends aspired to become archers and rangers, Tobias aspired to become a rogue. This was due to the fact that at an early age Tobias discovered he had a nack for pickpocketing, and even if he was caught he could just talk his way out of the situation. He is currently in the possession of a tainted artifact known as the Jet Black Ioun Stone. Numerous times he has been warned that he should control it, or it would control him, but as each day passes it would seem that the stone gains more influence. Who will win in the end? The vain rogue, or the stone?

Tobias Shankmiester

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