The Tear of Ioun

Welcome to Wellspring

The Adventure has begun


After the PC’s regain consciousness after the portal exploded, they find themselves lying in a large field next to a road leading up to a town in the distance.

After Asteron had to pull Tobias from the cold river that was identified as The Chill, the party was able to survey the area more closely. Jim was able to recall from his readings on history that the town was known as Wellspring, while Keno was able to identify that the forest beyond the town was known as Harrow Wood, home of the half-orcs commonly referred to as Harrowfolk.

Once the party reached the town gates and after a quick wink from Jim, the guards let the group into the town and directed them to The Blue Plate where they could take a room for the night. On the way they found the large building known as the Mindspire, the great temple dedicated to Ioun.

Jim was intrigued by the goddess of knowledge and gave an offering to the plate presented by one of the priests. Tobias, however, saw this as an opportunity for some gain. Distracting the guard by pretending to give an offering too, he tried to snatch up more money than he placed in the plate. A nearby pilgrim noticed, however, and the guards were quickly summoned. Disgusted by his partner’s actions, Jim loosed a icy ray at Tobias freezing him in place for the guards to haul him to the cells nearby.

With Tobias locked away, the party was able to find a room at the Blue Plate and began to settle down for the night. A scream of terror outside unfortunately told them otherwise. Several large flying creatures with tentacles were attacking the group gathered outside who were visiting the large statue of Estred in the middle of the square.

The party set out to stop these creatures as their tentacles grabbed at the nearest townsfolk to them. Kaykei~ could hear them screaming out in Deep Speech something about a “Tear” they were looking for. Luckily one of the creatures damaged the building that was holding Tobias and he was able to escape his cell and join the battle once he gathered his belongings from a lockbox nearby.

As the last of the Grell fell, a priestess named Deirdre emerged from the temple to help heal the fallen. Jim, who was struck by her beauty went to help her and struck up a conversation. She soon enlisted the party to find this Tear of Ioun and return it to the temple before whoever sent these creatures could find it. She gave the party access to her rituals as well as information needed to find the Kaorti Temple that stands in the Kadagast Mountains northwest of the town.

And so the party set off within the next couple days after gathering supplies for the journey. They followed The Chill west into Harrow Wood where they were soon spotted by the Harrowfolk from afar, as well as another group.

The Eyes of Malachi led by Eskade found the party traveling through the wood and set her band against them. The group was easily dispatched but several nasty spells flew out from the warlock who hung in back avoiding the massacre of her melee focused allies. Soon, Eskade met the same fate however, and lay dead at the feet of the party. Keno found Eskade’s Feytouched Drowmesh +3 very useful and upgraded her armor.

After recovering from the attack a new group emerged from the wood approaching the party. It was Vaymeer and several of Harrowfolk. They came with their weapon sheathed and hands up in a gesture of peace. After conversing with the party about their goal to find the Tear of Ioun at the Kaorti Temple he agreed to lead them within sight of the temple the Harrowfolk referred to as The Forlorn Tower.

With the help of Vaymeer and the rest of the Harrowfolk the party was able to reach the tower without any more complications, however, as they reached the foot of the tower they soon learned that their break from battle was at an end. Several ghoulish figures crouched over many dead corpses outside the tower. They had noticed the party approaching, and were eager for a fresh meal…


You forgot the talk Deirdre and Tobias had about the Jet Black Ioun Stone

Welcome to Wellspring

oh yeah… but no one cares about Tobias… but maybe we will have to investigate more about his Ioun Stone, maybe we can find a way to purge the evil from it

Welcome to Wellspring

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