The Tear of Ioun

The Third Floor

After besting the teleporting beast the party was able to move up to the third floor. It was a large room taking up the entire floor of the tower. Two set of armor glowing red from within stood on either side of the room. The armor seemed to have noticed the party but made no move towards them. Keno looked around the room trying to see why the armor was not attack and she noticed that there was something else in the room with them. In each corner of the room stood a large pillar, behind three of those pillars was more of the flying creatures that attacked Wellspring. Keno knew the grell would not hesitate to attack like the armor and so she activated her armor and turned invisible.

Asteron didn’t wait for the armor to make its decision about fighting, he charged straight in to the closest monster knocking it down and continuing to beat it with his flail. Tobias followed Asteron’s lead and charged towards the other armor trying to take it down by himself. Then the grell’s moved out from hiding. One joining each of the battles with the armors trying to grab at each of the adventurers. The third grell moved in towards Jim who was hanging back at the stairs with Kaykei firing magic from afar.

Asteron was soon joined by Keno who was moving with her invisiblity to flank the creatures while her cat Deimos hung back to help out Jim and Kaykei. Tobias was left alone with two creatures fighting for his life. Kaykei let out as many healing prayers to Jim and Tobias who seemed overwhelmed by the grell beating them with their tentacles when one more joined the fight.

Flying down from one of the large holes in the ceiling another larger grell swooped over firing large blasts of psychic energy. These blasts fell right on Kaykei and Jim and Jim fell down unconscious. Tobias quickly finished off the creatures battling him but with more than a few cuts and bruises and rushed to fight the new comer who was blasting bolts of energy at Kaykei. Tobias sprinted along the edge of the hole in the floor the grell was floating over and ran straight up one of the large pillars. About five feet up the pillar he pushed off sailing through the air, both swords poised for a strike at the large floating brain. It saw him coming. Listing lazily to the left, it out maneuvered the flying rogue and Tobias found himself diving head first into the room below.

With only the large grell philosopher left, the rest of the group focused its attention on him. Asteron sprinted straight towards the philosopher and without and fancy wall (or pillar) running he leaped off from the edge of the hole. His flail crashed down on top of the grell, its tentacles wrapping around the minotaur as both of them plummeted down the full twenty feet to the floor below. Tobias was able to make his way upstairs just as the grell fell and he decided his crossbow would be better than leaping down there again and began to fire. Keno pulled out her bow and shot arrow after arrow down the hole at the grell who was now battling the crazed minotaur who dropped them down the hole. With Asteron holding the grell where it was and the rest of the party raining death down the hole on top of the grell it soon met the same fate as the others, laying dead on the floor.



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