The Tear of Ioun

The Forlorn Tower - F2

Moving upstairs the group walked into a section of the tower where the rushing waterfall was eroding the stones slowly over time. Keno soon noticed two large destrachan’s lurking in the corners of the room. Jim moved around and used his Ghost Sound to mimic their movements near the waterfall. The destrachan’s leaped out at the noise shooting their sound pulses at the distraction. Now out of their hiding spots the party charged in and was easily able to dispatch both of them without too much trouble.

Exploring the rest of the floor Jim stumbled upon a large red beholder floating in the corner of one of the rooms. A little eager Tobias ran in firing crossbow bolts at the beholder trying to surprise it with a quick attack. The beholder responded harshly turning on Tobias and shooting off firey rays at the rogue. Keno activated her armor, cloaking her in invisibility to sneak around the beholder to flank it while Asteron and the rest of the group rushed in to aid Tobias. Soon into the battle another of the possessed and twisted members of the Stormcrows barged into the room. The eladrin female brought up a large wall of flames that engulfed Jim and Tobias and cut off any room for escape. The flames bit at Tobias badly and he fell to the ground, overwhelmed by the burns. Kaykei~ rushed to his aid, healing him and pulling him from the flame wall so he could rejoin the fight. Keno and Asteron continued to fend off the beholder while Jim gets pushed away by a telekinetic ray and is trapped outside of the flame wall. While he rushed to find a way to rejoin the battle, Keno makes a killing blow on the beholder, dropping it to the floor. The group moved in to surround the eladrin just as she teleported out of danger and loosed a flame burst at the party, dropping the battered Tobias once again. Kaykei~ quickly heals Tobias once again and he is able to leap back up tumbling around the female wizard and with a flurry of hacks and slashes with his concealed sword he drops her to the ground. Reaching up from the puddle of blood forming around her body, she cries out to someone she called Elomir, apologizing for her failure…

Jim found the robes of the eladrin to be very useful finding them to be Robes of Contingency +3. Fairly battered from battling the tower’s defenses the party moved back outside to set up camp back in the cave.



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