The Tear of Ioun

The Forlorn Tower - F1

After resting and preparing their spells the group moved to the tower entrance and opened the door to the first room. Inside was small entrance room covered in a vile substance all over the floors and walls. In one corner was a large flesh golem sitting idly. Moving into the room a large swarm of stirges flew down attacking the party. Jim was able to shoot off a large blast of fire damaging killing many of the stirges in the swarm but also angering the golem in the corner. The Golem jumped to life attacking the group. Asteron quickly charged in knocking the golem to the ground while Keno moved around flanking and killing it off. While the party was distracted by the fight with the golem a dwarf snuck down the hallway and began to throw shuriken at the group. The maniacal dwarf spun around the group pulling out his sword trying to cut them down. Kaykei~ attempted to reason with the dwarf, but like the foulspawn outside, he seemed to laugh at the prospect and simply told them that the might of Elomir and the Stormcrows will destroy them. Despite his threats however, he was no match for the group and fell down dead just like the golem. Tobias looted the sword the dwarf was wielding which Jim discovered was a Bloodiron Shortsword +3.

Moving to explore the rest of the tower the group came upon a room with a large chasm in the floor. Jim moved up to inspect the chasm and decided to urinate into the chasm in order to “measure” how deep it was. A bit grossed out Keno chose to investigate the rest of the room and found that there were several Gricks taking residence in the room beyond, and in the chasm now covered with urine from Jim was a foul creature with a large snarling mouth and oozing skin clinging to the wall just inside the chasm. The angered creature moved up to attack Jim while the rest of the party moved in to attack the gricks. Kaykei~ unfortunately got lost in the twisting hallways of the tower and joined the battle a bit late. After finishing off the foul creature in the chasm and the small gricks a larger grick alpha moved forward to attack those who just slaughtered its family. Asteron was able to knock it to the ground and Keno and Jim quickly put it out of its misery before it was able to strike back.

The rest of the floor was fairly barren except for one room that was filled with sleeping grimlocks. Kaykei~ also heard a woman in a room nearby that seemed to be fairly distracted arguing with someone. Before the grimlocks could wake Jim decided to send his dragonling companion into the room to explode a fire blast in the room hoping to kill off the sleeping grimlocks. Half of them dead, the other half slightly burned they rose to charge the intruding wizard. The woman nearby heard the racket and also moved into action just as Keno burst in to attack. Similarly possessed like the dwarf the woman was covered in a gross slime. Jim hung back with the grimlocks as the rest of the party rushed in to engage the female who seemed to be slipping around Keno avoiding being flanked while slashing at her and another grimlock wielding a large axe helped to guard her. Asteron charged the guard knocking him down and with the help of Tobias finished him quickly just as Keno and Kaykei~ were able to kill the woman who fell cursing the party for damning her to death. The group rushed back to the room where they left Jim with several angry grimlocks only to find him calmly striding from the room unscathed and all the grimlocks lying on the floor burnt to a crisp. He pointed out the magical shield the female was using and handed it to Asteron telling him it was a Shield of Blocking.



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