The Tear of Ioun

Teleportation and Crazed, Bloodstained Humans

After resting outside the tower at their camp set up in the cave just outside, the party set off to explore the rest of the tower. There was still a closed off area on the second floor that was left unexplored. Asteron moved forward to open the last door of the area and before him stood a humanoid with blood stained clothes hunched over a dead corpse of a grimlock. Laughing maniacally at the group who just entered his domain, he yelled “FRESH MEAT!!!” and drew out his swords.

Kaykei quickly ran into the room and exploded in a solar blast awakening a large beast in the corner of the room. It roared in anger and dropped from the ceiling. As the party turned to face it, it seemed to phase from existence, then appeared right next to Kaykei. It’s tentacles shot out in all direction whipping at everyone within its reach, causing some of the party members to shift around from the sheer force of the large tentacles crashing into them. Then just as quickly as it appeared, the beast vanished.

Thinking the beast to have run off, the part refocused on the crazed, blood stained human whirling his swords with efficiency trying to cut down the group that had quickly surrounded him. Kaykei had moved towards the back having taken some damage from rushing in and angering the large beast just as it reappeared right in front of her. It’s tentacles swung out again reaching for anyone it could, then again disappeared.

Jim was tired of the beast phasing in and out of view and drew out his wand as he sat in the back of the group waiting. The rest of the group had the crazed human cornered with no where to go. He was no match for them all and soon fell, his swords clattering to the ground as he slumped down dead onto the bloodstained floor. The beast reappeared just then about to attack again, but Jim was ready. He pointed his wand and icy rays shot forth towards the beast. They whizzed past the beast and crashed into the wall behind it leaving a large patch of frost covering the stones. Cursing, Jim barely ducked out of the way as the creature whipped his tentacles around the room.

The rest of the party was ready to focus its attention on the beast now. They turned around to face it as it disappeared once again. They rushed towards where it was last standing and attacked the air in front of them. Keno’s sword made contact. The beast lurched in pain as its invisibility dropped and it returned to view. Now the group had something to hit. With the beast in view and all five of them working together the beast fell to the floor its tentacles limp and no longer flailing around the room. As the life drained from its body it seemed to phase out of existence once again, but this time, it didn’t come back.

Jim rushed over to the dead body eager to find any magical items. Sure enough the blood stained cloak the human was wearing seemed to shimmer. As Jim reached for the cloak it seemed to move and distort his vision. Finally, he got his hands on it, a Cloak of Distortion +3.



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