The Tear of Ioun

Outside the Tower

The party reached the foot of the tower, the surrounding area littered with bodies of the dead. Several ghouls feasting on the dead see the group moving up and charge at them attacking. As the fight commenced many of the bodies lying on the ground began to stir. Several zombie rise up to join the fight. Kaykei~ moves in and lets loose a blast of radiant light killing the first of the undead who came against the party. Asteron charged in soon finding himself surrounded by zombies and one of them managed to grab hold of him. Jim fired off a few spells toasting the zombies that were grabbing hold of Asteron. Tobias gets hurt but is soon saved by a strong healing strike from Kaykei~ who finished off the ghouls saving Tobias.

With the dead laid back to rest the party decided it would be best that they find shelter for the night before venturing forth into the tower. A nearby cave proved it would be a good spot to rest, however, upon closer inspection it seemed the cave was already occupied. A small cruel looking creature peered out of the entrance watching the party approaching. Kaykei~ moved forward attempting to negotiate with the creatures in deep speech, but it seemed they were not interested in sharing the cave and moved out to attack. Several more of the smaller creatures wielding bone daggers ambushed the back of the party attacking Jim from the shadows. Several larger of the creatures moved out one of them loosing magic from a powerful wand. The party was easily able to chase them back into the cave and dispose of the previous inhabitants claiming the cave as their own. Inside they found a chest with a large amount of gold as well as a Flame Wand +3 that the foulspawn seer was carrying.

With the cave secured the group was able to set up a safe camp and rest for the night.



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